ART SHOWCASE is a source for original art in a wide range of genres from leading New Mexico and regional artists.

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We provide cleared art for set designers in the New Mexico Film Industry. We also work with Interior Designers and Staging Professionals, looking to place art for both residential and commercial properties

For Production Designers, Set Decorators and Art Directors who are working in New Mexico, we save you time and money by representing cleared contemporary and period artwork from which you can rent, purchase or have digital prints made to specifications. We offer to coordinate framing, delivery and installation.

New Mexico is rich beyond reckoning with artistic talent and we want to encourage creative professionals to “shop locally” when looking to choose great artwork. We at ART SHOWCASE also provide rentable cleared artwork for real estate stagings, special events and photo shoots. We work with Interior Design Professionals, helping them find and choose great artwork from local and regional artists.

Pricing and terms vary depending on project.  Call us for information at 505-920-4044 or email us at info@artshowcase.live.  All artwork contained on this site is copyrighted by the artists who create the work. Thank you!

ART SHOWCASE is always looking for new artists to add to its catalog for New Mexico Film. Our focus is to support and promote local and regional artists.

If you are interested in selling or renting your artwork for use as background set decoration in films, commercials, TV, theatre, or photo shoots, or want your artwork presented to our extensive list of interior designers in Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Denver and all other markets in  Colorado, as well as Utah, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, please contact us via email with images (jpegs should be no larger than 1000 pixels high or wide at 72 dpi) or a link to a website. We will review submissions and be in touch if we feel that your work is a good fit for ART SHOWCASE.

Please email artist submissions to: info@artshowcase.live