Bio for Carol Ann Miraben

Ephemera 2, 36″ x 36″, Mixed Media on Canvas $2,200 unframed

Carol Ann Miraben lives in Santa Fe, NM where she is surrounded and inspired by ever-changing light and the beautiful mountain environment.

Carol was born in Wisconsin and pursued a business career for 25 years. A serious illness caused her to examine her spirituality and purpose in life. She enrolled in community watercolor classes and began plein-air painting the places where she traveled. Her subject matter was semi-realistic impressions of markets, hill towns, and landscapes. Her first successful solo art exhibit in the late 1990s gave her the courage to quit the business world and paint full time. Gradually, more abstract elements appeared in her work. She took an abstract acrylic workshop and immediately changed mediums and embraced abstraction. Her new style allowed her the freedom to interpret and express what she was feeling without the constraints of specific subject matter. Her work is most often described as expressive, bold, spontaneous, and interpretive with a focus on form, color and texture. As she works medium, substrate, and process intuitively interplay to evolve each new piece.

Today, she continues to experiment with a variety of techniques and materials but primarily works with acrylics on canvas and wood. Recently she has finished her pieces with resin to give her work even more depth.

Carol is often asked, ‘How long does it take for you to complete a painting?’ “A lifetime,” is her answer. Her paintings come from her entire life’s experience: The techniques, colors, applications, and the finished painting itself present her life.

Carol is a frequent art show exhibitor jurist. She has won many awards. Her work is collected internationally.