Bio for Patti Bose

Sicily Wall #4 by Patti Bose
Sicily Wall #4 by Patti Bose

Rarely does photography meld with art in an utterly romantic illustration of movement. Seldom does viewer become voyeur in a sensual juxtaposition of limbs called dance. Welcome to the world of Patti Bose…

Witness the Taj Mahal in unexpected early morning glow void of crowds, or soar over water in a visual tapestry of geometrically transposed earth. “How did she do that?” is a common query when viewing Bose’s work – essentially, she plays with light. Expect the unexpected, whether experiencing drama of the equestrian, utter sensuality of flora and fauna, or creative expression captured in her interpretation of dance.

Bose began her career commercially, but soon began experimenting artistically with large format Polaroid cameras and film, receiving numerous awards and a permanent place in the Polaroid archives for her interpretation of Hispanic Couture Design. Her manipulation in the Polaroid transfer process brought national recognition for pioneering work in this medium. Bose has produced three shows that exhibited her art and dancing photographs, ‘Emotion in Motion,’ for the Southern Ballet Theatre; ‘Millennia,’ for the Osceola Center for the Arts, featuring an eclectic mix of ballet, horses and dancers; and ‘Rodeo do Santa Fe,’ for the Equus show at the Deland Museum of Art. In Santa Fe where she lives, Bose continues to further her exploration of alternative print methods and mediums and other movement oriented artistic interpretations of modern life.

Patti Bose’s element of fantasy will delight, surprise and enrich your world. Click here to see additional images on her website